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"Baptism is the sign of new life in Christ" (B.A.S. pg.146), it is also the sacrament of entry into the church.  Baptism presupposes faith or at least the desire to pursue a journey with the Holy One.

In centuries past baptism acquired many mistaken beliefs.  The most significant being that if a person died "un-baptized" they would go to hell.  As a church we don't believe that for a second.  Salvation is found through relationship and faith.  Baptism confirms that faith.

Today the church is recapturing the original intent which is to provide baptism for all who wish to have their lives united to Christ.  Therefore, if you are thinking about baptism for yourself or your child, the only question you need to ask is: Do I wish to live a life in faith and in God? If you can answer "Yes" to that one question, then yes, Baptism is for you.

If you would like to look into baptism, please speak with the Rector or leave a message at the church office.  Baptismal preparation is required and the Baptism will be celebrated at the main Sunday service on a date to be determined.

We look forward to sharing this day with you.

God bless your journey in faith.


St. George's Anglican Church - Clarksburg, The Blue Mountains

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