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Groups & Activities

St. George's is a very active parish with a wide range of groups, organizations and ongoing activities. New members and volunteers are always welcome at any of the church's many groups and organizations, some of which are listed below. For details, contact the church office.

Ministry Groups & Committees

Anglican Church Women [A.C.W.] - This group gives all women, young and old alike, the opportunity to meet once a month for fellowship and to discuss ways to help the needs of the parish.
Our most visible role is to cater special events and funerals. We are involved in two major fundraisers during the year, The St. George's Garden Party and the Fish Fry which take place in the later part of June. Another event is our Jolly Holly Lunch and Bake Sale held on a Saturday in mid November each year. These events raise funds for the church and are also essential outreach projects to the community.

We meet once a month, excluding July and August, sometimes with a guest speaker, and also to discuss events being planned that require our participation. This is a way to keep us aware of the needs of our congregation. We encourage you to bring thoughts and new ideas to meetings as we are always trying to meet the needs of all the women in the church.
All women in the congregation are invited to attend our monthly meetings on the second Tuesday at 2 p.m. for Sept - Nov and Jan - May. In December and June, we have a communion service followed by a pot-luck meal, usually at lunch time in June and in the evening in December when Santa usually honours us with his presence after dinner. Check for special times in December and June. Pot Luck Meal.

A.C.W. Summer 2016 report

All women are invited and welcome to come to our monthly meetings at 2pm on Tuesday October 4th, November 4th, and December 13th which will be a potluck luncheon beginning at 12 noon. Meetings in the new year are still being planned. The women of St. Georges had a busy summer. Jacquline and Grayhame hosted a luncheon in June in the Bowcott's lovely home. Thank ypu both for a delicious meal and a fun afternoon.

We are a very active and willing A.C.W, group.   Joan Liddiard


Community Breakfast - This is an important outreach ministr, to ensure that St. George’s lives out our promise to welcome all into our midst and for the community to know that we are here for them and that they are welcome.

Come out to the breakfasts and bring your friends. You are invited to attend every second Saturday in the months from September to May. Breakfast starts at 8 a.m. All are welcome.

Music Ministry - St. George's has always taken pride in this ministry which is led by Janet Cringle, an accomplished pianist and organist together with an active four part choir. Choir practice is Friday morning at 10:30 AM. Anyone who loves singing and fellowship is most welcome to join us. Please contact the office at 519 599 3047 for more information.

Lay Ministry - The ministry of the Baptized is important to the life of St. George's. Lay people are invited to become part of the many ministries we share, be it readers, lay administrators, coffee hour hosts and much, much more. When people are identified as wanting to participate they are given the training they need and then are put onto the ministry schedule. If you would like to use your talents, please contact the office and share your interest. You will be glad you did!

Prayer Chain - There is a group of people who pray daily for people's concerns. This is a confidential ministry.
Prayer Ministry - People with concerns for themselves or others are encouraged to receive prayer and anointing with oil at the back of the church during the Eucharist on Sundays at the 10am service.

For more information on either the Prayer Chain or the Prayer Ministry, please phone Donna Whiteside @ 519-599-2440

Newcomerss Ministry - We have teams of parishioners who will make a casual visit with some information about St. George’s and a gift of honey from the Honey House in Clarksburg. Over and over again, I hear from people about their first visit to St. George’s, how welcome they felt. For more information please contact Sarah Bedard, through the church office.

Altar Guild - St. George's Altar Guild is a small dedicated group which meets several times a year. They look after the setting of the holy table for communion and the clean-up afterwards.
They look after the flowers, the polishing of the brass and silver as well as decorating the church for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Our members work in pairs and usually are required to be on duty two separate months of the year. We are always looking for new members for this ministry.

Memorial flowers can be placed in the sanctuary on Sundays and they are taken to members of the parish who are ill, shut-in, in the hospital or the Nursing home following the service.
For more information about the Altar Guild please contact Ruth McWhirter at 519 599 3742.

Movie Nights - Come at 6pm for edibles. The feature movie will start at 6:45. Please check with the office at 519 599 3047 for dates and movies.

Christian Education
Sunday School - On most Sundays of the year, there is someone to offer a Sunday School program for children of all ages. When there are children in church, at the 10 a.m. service, they will be welcomed at the front of the church for a Children's focus and then invited to head to the Christian Education room. The children return to the sanctuary in time to participate in the Eucharist. Feel free to check out these ministries to children.

Adult Christian Education - During the year there are various Christian Education opportunities offered. These are announced in the Bulletin. In addition, there is the possibility of putting together learning opportunities that you would like to experience. All you have to do is speak to the Rector about your interest. Christian Education opportunities include: Bible studies, Pot-luck supper/movie nights, Lenten series. Please join with us.

Bridge - Like a little friendly challenge? This is a community, year round gathering of bridge players (men & women) who enjoy playing with the aid of a cup of tea or coffee. It is not necessary to come with a partner. No rent is charged for the church but the net proceeds are donated to St. George's. It is not a group restricted to Anglicans but for anyone interested in bridge and for great sociability. September 2014 will mark our 18th anniversary. Monday afternoons, 12 noon all year. Please call our office at 519-599-3047 for more information.

*All events and times may be subject to change. Please check with the office at 519-599-3047

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