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Ministry at times of death

Every family experiences death.  Sometimes it is unexpected; sometimes it is a welcome release from suffering.  Those who are left behind are the ones who have to deal with the feelings of grief; many times too, they must be the ones to make plans.

My firm belief is that in death all of us return to God.  When my daughter was very small, if she saw me going to do a funeral, she would ask...."did they go to God".  My answer was always "YES".

We here at St. George's are always available to help families as they give their loved one back to God.  I would consider it a privilege to journey with a family as they deal with a death and funeral.  Please do not hesitate to ask us to help.

As well as helping to arrange and share in the funeral we have caring individuals who provide a lunch to those who request it.

Please be aware that, for those who would appreciate it, we have a "Scattering Garden"  available to you.  Please ask for a Remembrance Garden information brochure.

Scattering Garden

The choir is available to sing at funerals if you wish.

As you make your plans (which frequently include the funeral home) feel free to request our help.

At the time of loss, more than any other time, you need to know that God's love surrounds you.


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