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What Anglicans Believe

If you are a newcomer to the Anglican Church or have been away for a while, you may be wondering what Anglicans believe.  One of the best summaries of what Anglicans believe can be found by navigating through

One of the central elements of Anglicanism is the Via Media, a Latin phrase meaning the "Middle Way".  There is room in Anglicanism for seekers of all stripes.  Properly understood, the Via Media does not mean that Anglicans are wishy-washy. We take our faith and the joy we find in it very seriously.  Rather, the Via Media expresses one of our core values - tolerance.  Anglicans are tolerant because we know that no one has all the answers this side of heaven.  Historically, the depth and richness of the Anglican faith includes an understanding that we are enriched by diversity and open to learning from one another's experience of the Holy.

Another key concept within Anglicanism is the concept embodied in another Latin phrase:  lex orandi, lex credendi. We worship as we believe. This concept, fundamental to Anglican self understanding, is that the words and rituals of our worship reflect our theological doctrines and belief. Simply put, if you want to know what Anglicans believe, listen to the words of the prayers in our worship.

Finally, Anglicans believe that a mature and growing faith must always respond to the love and abundance of God through personal action. Jesus calls us to two great commandments - to love God and to love our neighbour as ourselves. Faithful Anglicans believe that we show our love of God by loving our neighbour. This understanding ultimately plays itself out in care of all creation, respect for the dignity of every human being and love of self.

At St. George's Anglican Church we do not claim to have all the answers.  Instead, we offer an invitation to come seek with us as we struggle with issues of faith.  What we can promise is that we will share our faith - the peace, comfort and hope that we find in Jesus Christ.

If you would like to explore what Anglicanism may have to offer you please contact the rector.

What should I give?

We all know that financial resources are necessary to run a household or an organization; without the donations of our contributors the church would struggle to carry out its ministry.  But that is not the most important reason, we give because we need to.

The thing that determines your happiness is your gratitude. Is there truth to that?  I think there is.  When we recognize that we have been given much, it is easier to give in response.  Giving, I believe, is necessary to living a happy, fulfilled life.

God has given us our lives, our talents, our skills which we have used to make our lives as they are.  Blessings abound in our lives if we have the eyes to see them and hearts open to respond.

The Church is one place which needs contributions of every kind; certainly our money, but also our time and talents.

I invite you to open yourselves to see the many blessings of your life.  I also ask you to give of the many blessing which are yours.

May gratitude be yours.




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